Marvel? Disney? You are being very kind, sharing pieces of ‘The Avengers’ with us … a little each day as we get ready for the May 4 release of Joss Whedon’s blockbuster. But can you please stop? Really, we’re in. We’re coming! You sold us. Just make sure there are a few scenes we haven’t seen yet by the time we sit down in the theater and get ready to watch the whole thing.

The next scene in Marvel and Disney’s comprehensive marketing campaign is called "Interrogation" and it confirms my belief that Scarlett Johnasson’s Black Widow is going to be the breakout star of this film. Anyone who knows Whedon knows his specialty is writing scene-stealing dialogue for tough female characters. If Johansson can nail Whedon’s sense of humor – and this clip suggests she’s getting it – the ‘The Avengers’ is her picture to lose.

Here’s the clip. I also like the cut away to Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) waiting in the other end of the telephone conversation for Widow to dispatch her enemies. At the very least, Whedon’s film should be the funniest Marvel movie we’ve seen to date.

‘The Avengers’ opens everywhere on May 4. Or you can surf the Internet, stitch together all of the clips that have been released to date, and watch a pretty decent interpretation of Whedon’s sure-to-be-massive summer kick off on your own.