We haven't heard much about the planned BioShock Infinite DLC since the game launched in March, but Irrational is planning on sharing some details very soon.

Three add-ons were originally slated to arrive during the months after the game's launch, and Irrational told Joystiq news would be coming by the end of July on the first of those content packs. No other details were shared, but there have been various rumors about just what these add-ons will entail.

One such rumor indicated a new AI partner was being developed to take the place of Elizabeth. Another hinted that the DLC would explain more about Songbird, and how he became the monstrous guardian of Columbia. BioShock Infinite didn't leave a lot of room at the conclusion of the game for more story, so it's likely whatever Irrational has planned will take place either during Booker's time in the city in the sky, or before he arrived at the start of the game.

Regardless of what the content is, we can't wait to find out more. We've been looking for a reason to revisit Columbia, and this gives us the perfect opportunity.

What do you hope to see from BioShock Infinite's DLC?