Hey, remember when there were reports of a new Fletch movie that could star Jason Sudeikis? And hey, remember when we heard about it again not long after that? That’s pretty much all we heard about the project before it seemed to vanish, but now you get to hear more about it all over again! That planned reboot is still very much planned, with Sudeikis still very much attached to star in the role originated on screen by Chevy Chase.

Relativity Studios has picked up the film now that it’s been dropped by Warner Bros., according to THR. The studio is negotiating with Sudeikis, who was attached to the project when it was still with WB. Fletch was originally based on a series of Gregory McDonald novels, which follow journalist Irwin Maurice Fletcher as he investigates various crime mysteries and deals with his two ex-wives. The first film was released in 1985 with Chase in the Fletch role, followed by the sequel, Fletch Lives, in 1989.

Previously, the new reboot was rumored to be a prequel called Fletch Won, based on the McDonald novel of the same name. It looks as though that’s still the plan. David List previously wrote an “origin story” screenplay for the film, and although Relativity may bring in another writer to pen a new draft, List will still remain involved as a producer. He’s also the representative for McDonald’s estate, so if anyone knows how to keep this project in line with McDonald’s original vision, it’s probably this guy.