Labor Day is a time to rest, reflect, and say goodbye to summer. This year it is also a time to freak out, stress, and desperately search for every new Star Wars toy, which will be unveiled at Force Friday II, which is technically an entire Force Weekend of events, from September 1 to 3.

The first Force Friday took place before The Force Awakens, and featured the premieres of that movie’s toys. For the sequel tied to The Last Jedi, Lucasfilm and Disney are amping things up considerably. In addition to all the new products you can buy with Adam Driver’s face on it, there is a new augmented reality component called Find the ForceUsing the Star Wars app on your smartphone you can unlock AR versions of 15 Star Wars characters by scanning the Find the Force logo at “any one of the 20,000 participating retail locations.” Plus, if you scan the logo on right now, you can get some AR porgs. PORGS! We just tested it out on our smartphones, and it works great. All your porgs are belong to us now.

The official Disney press release also states that “fans will reveal a new The Last Jedi character via social media,” though they don’t offer additional explicit details yet how that’s going to happen. Perhaps if you love the porgs enough, they will provide you with new characters. See the video above for more details, or visit May the Force (Friday) be with you.

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