With a few weeks until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, we’ve now reached the point of peak Star Wars news saturation, with various updates popping up daily. Today brings final word of the film’s official runtime, while Harrison Ford reveals that he’s one of the lucky few to have already seen The Force Awakens — and yes, he really likes it.

According to THR, The Force Awakens has a runtime of 136 minutes, which is just one minute longer than was previously reported. It’s also the exact same length as The Phantom Menace, but hopefully our comparisons between the two will end there. The longest Star Wars film was Attack of the Clones, which clocked in at 142 minutes, while the shortest was A New Hope, which ran for 121 minutes.

Harrison Ford has experienced all 136 minutes of The Force Awakens, as the star of the film revealed this morning on Good Morning America while joking that he was going to spoil “everything” before adding, “I can’t do that.” What he could say was that he really enjoyed the film:

It was great. It’s a wonderful movie. It’s got great production values. It’s a real big movie, and I was delighted to see it.

As for where we’ll find Han Solo in the new sequel, the actor says the character has a “more complex story now,” but he’s “still the same guy.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.

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