We've reached that crucial time of the year in which networks evaluate how freshman series perform, and make decisions on how to go forward.  FOX in particular has been fairly generous with its series, awarding additional episodes to 'The Mindy Project' and scripts for 'Ben and Kate,' but now we've learned that 'New Girl' and 'Raising Hope' will also get additional episodes!  Meanwhile, what fate has The CW given to 'Beauty and the Beast' or 'Emily Owens M.D.?'

They say that no news is good news, so would that make moderately good news...better...news?  Semantics aside, both The CW and FOX have additional reasons to celebrate today, as we've learned that both networks have shown signs of confidence and hope in its series.  Like 'The Mindy Project' before it, FOX has granted two additional episodes each to both 'New Girl's second season and 'Raising Hope's third.

The news is less thrilling, but still promising for The CW's freshman dramas 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Emily Owens M.D.'  Whereas 'Arrow' was granted a back-nine pickup earlier today, The CW's other freshman efforts will produce three more scripts before the network will decide whether or not to go forward with additional episodes.  Can't hurt, right?  'Beast' pulled in solid numbers thanks to its 'Vampire Diaries' pairing, but 'Emily Owens' was understandably hurt in its debut by the 2012 Presidential Debates.

What say you?  Are you happy to have more of the FOX series?  What will become of the remaining CW shows?


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