We had thought that FOX's biggest decisions had been made, now that NBC and The CW had stolen the spotlight with their many announcements, but it seems FOX had at least one more bomb to drop. After two troubled seasons, Kiefer Sutherland's post-'24' vehicle 'Touch' has officially been cancelled, after finishing out its second season on Friday nights. Get the latest on 'Touch's cancellation inside!

Kiefer Sutherland's 'Touch' certainly started out with plenty of promise under former 'Heroes' showrunner Tim Kring, but sadly FOX has decided to part ways with the conspiracy/existential thriller. The drama's second season had undergone an extensive retool in both premise and cast, but ultimately wound up banished to Friday nights to finish out the latter half of its run.

And for as much as we love 'Fringe,' you know you're in trouble when the cult FOX sci-fi series' ratings outdo yours even in the twilight years.

Well, what say you? Will you miss 'Touch,' or is Kiefer Sutherland better off? Can we finally get the '24' movie off the ground? Give us your thoughts on 'Touch's cancellation in the comments!