Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' hits theaters this Friday, and we've got six brand new posters for the film -- with a twist! These posters have an old school monster movie style that's just too darn cute to ignore and fits right in with the film's nostalgic aesthetic.

These six posters for 'Frankenweenie' feature all of the film's "monsters" -- the result of a little science gone awry. When young Victor Frankenstein's dog, Sparky, is hit by a car, the boy decides to revive him with the help of a little lightning. It works, but his classmates are quick to uncover his secret and decide to revive their own dead pets, to disastrous -- and hilarious -- results.

Below you can get a peek at Sparky and Victor, as well as the other reanimated companions, like Shelly the turtle, the mummified hamster, a were-rat, and a flying vampire cat. The cat in particular is one of the best parts of the film, and its quirky owner -- voiced by Catherine O'Hara -- is one of those memorable supporting characters that'll leave you wanting more.

'Frankenweenie' also features the voice talents of Winona Ryder, Martin Landau, Martin Short, and newcomer Charlie Tahan. It's also the closest we'll get to old school Tim Burton, so get your butts to the theater to see the cutesy, kooky flick this weekend.

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