Horror has always had a knack for preying on people’s fears of new technologies. This approach has worked like gangbusters in movies like The Ring to Unfriended, both well-regarded horror films that use new media as a way to scare impressionable teenagers. So keep that in mind when you watch this trailer for Friend RequestYes, the very title itself seems to suggest a movie that is more interested in jumping on trends than breaking new ground in the horror genre, but sometimes these are the movies that end up surprising us. We’ll never know until we watch it, right?

With a rock-solid lead actress  —  Alycia Debnam-Carey, who played the warrior queen Lexa in The 100  — the latest trailer for  Friend Request (via /Film) seems to suggest the kind of generically competent horror movie that helps bridge the gap between September and October, when archival and repertory horror screenings ramp up in earnest. You want movies that try to make Facebook terrifying? You got it! How about another movie about modern day witches? Sure thing! Throw in a few jump scares and a handful of screen-within-a-screen moments and Friend Request seems to be checking all the right boxes for that post-millennial generation.

Friend Request is also one of the rare films to get released in the United States relatively late in the game. The film had previously opened in other countries  —  including Germany, Russia, and the UK  —  as early as April 2016; as a result, you can find a handful of early reviews online. The general consensus seems to be that, while Friend Request is nothing particularly special as far as horror films go, it does manage to blend together some effective scares with a creative use of social media as a backdrop. Time Out called the film “scary, a bit cheesy and bang on the zeitgeist,” while Empire Magazine notes that the film “keeps up the pace and throws in a few neat twists to keep the plot from stagnating.”

Here’s the full plot synopsis for Friend Request:

A popular college student named Laura accepts a Facebook friend request from a lonely gal who went to her high school, but quickly unfriends her when she tries to parlay their virtual connection into a real-life bond. Soon, demonic forces start killing off Laura’s friends in revenge.

Friend Request will pop into theaters on September 22, 2017.

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