'Fringe' fans were deeply saddened (thought not altogether unsurprised) to learn with yesterday's 2012 Emmy nominations that the cult sci-fi series had been passed over entirely for any award recognition, in spite of years of groundbreaking work and the universally acclaimed performance or series star John Noble.  Longtime supporter and sometime guest-star Leonard Nimoy too has felt the outrage, and has taken to Twitter to vent his frustration.

'Fringe' fans are certainly used to their share of heartbreak, what with the series continually passed over for mainstream awards, and escaping cancellation numerous times in spite of an outpouring of both fan and critical support.  John Noble in particular, playing the delightfully eccentric mad scientist Walter Bishop is often touted as delivering Emmy-caliber work, yet never recognized by the voters.

With the 2012 Emmy nominations, the second-to-last in which 'Fringe' would be eligible for any kind of awards, fans were heartbroken to learn that not a single category chose to recognize the series.  Former 'Star Trek' icon and sometime 'Fringe' star Leonard Nimoy seems equally outraged by the snub, touting the incredible imagination of the cast and crew, and comparing it to 'Star Trek's own history of being ignored for major awards.

Twitter, Nimoy writes:

First introduced in the initial season of 'Fringe,' Nimoy recurred as Walter Bishop's former partner William Bell throughout the second and third season, before making a surprise appearance in the climax of the fourth as well.  Though his involvement remains to be seen, the story would dictate that Nimoy should have some presence in the fifth, and final season as well.

What say you?  Do you agree that 'Fringe' was unjustly snubbed for an Emmy this year?  Who would have been most deserving of the accolade?  Is there any chance of awards for the final season?  Tell us what you feel about the show in the comments below!

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