'Futurama' Season 7 is finally coming after the months of anticipation. So what better way to prepare the general public for one of the most entertaining animated shows out there than by putting out an ad that'll really catch everyone's eyes.

To promote 'Futurama' Season 7, they created live-action opening credits now appearing on Comedy Central. No, you won't be seeing anybody dressed up as Fry or Bender, but it's a very cute model replica of what the world of Futurama looks like if it were all made out of cardboard and other art supplies you'd find at Michaels. It's a very creative way to show off the widely loved series.

'Futurama' is created by Matt Groening, the same kooky mastermind behind 'The Simpsons.' It's great to see that this show still has enough of a fan base to warrant another season. It wasn't looking too good there for awhile but many of us are happy to see Fry and the rest of the Planet Express crew on cable.

Check out the live-action opening credits below along with a behind-the-scenes video that shows off how they made the cool set. 'Futurama' season seven will air on Comedy Central this Wednesday at 10 PM, kicking off the season with a two-hour special. We do wish it were Wednesday night now.