Good news, everybody!  After a long winter that followed 'Futurama's successful resurrection on Comedy Central, the network has announced when we can finally see new episodes of our favorite 31st century delivery crew.

According to their press release, 'Futurama' will return with the first 2 of 13 all-new season  episodes on Wednesday, June 20 at 10:00 and 10:30 p.m.  The following weeks will see 'Futurama' settling into its weekly 10 p.m. time slot, and the back thirteen episodes of season 7 will air in summer 2013.

So just what will the Planet Express crew be up to in 3012, when last we left Fry and Leela contemplating their future together, before launching in the divergent animation styles of season finale "Reincarnation?"  Says 'Futurama' writer David X. Cohen of the coming season in an interview with UGO:

The episode we just recorded, which I believe but can't guarantee will be the season premiere in 2012, Planet Express gets a new soda machine, so that's breaking news, and Bender impregnates it. So I think that will be the premiere for 2012. And actually I think we're going to try to be a little bit topical, which we rarely do, but 2012 is kind of a big year because it will be the presidential election, and also because the end of the world has been predicted.

So we're also planning a 3012 presidential election with a candidate who challenges Nixon, except that people begin to suspect that the candidate was actually not born on Earth, and they demand to see his "Earth certificate." That's one that we're working on. And based on the 2012 prediction, we're going to do a 3012 doomsday prediction episode.

"The Bots and the Bees" won't in fact be the season premiere itself, but rather premiere directly behind the first episode "A Farewell to Arms."

What say you?  Are you excited by the return of 'Futurama,' or should the series have been left in the past after FOX dumped it?  Tell us your favorite jokes in the comments, and keep working on your time machines to get to the June 20 premiere!