With all the violence and gun-play permeating FX in its current roster of dramas, we and those like us couldn't help thinking to ourselves, "needs more hand-to-hand!"  Sure, the cable network maintains a healthy roster of MMA programming, but where's the fun unless the punches and kicks have scripted drama behind them?  Get ready to hop a bus downtown, as FX gears up to unleash 'Downtown Dragons' as the next kick-ass drama!

From Deadline, we've learned today that FX has put into development a new original series with all the violence of its most popular hits, but none of the guns!  The network will next look to foster "Downtown Dragons,' a martial arts drama written and executive produced by S. Craig Zahler.

Set to take place within the underworld of New York City's Chinatown district, the story follows rival gangsters who must rely upon traditional fighting techniques to combat their enemies and maintain their territories after the triad bosses ban all firearms in the area in the aftermath of a bloody shootout.  Spoiler alert, we're guessing someone gets a gun for sweeps week!

Shaky premise aside, a martial arts drama would do well in FX's roster, which currently includes such actioners as 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Justified,' and upcoming spy drama 'The Americans.'  Do you think you'd tune in for a martial arts drama?  Tell us what you think of 'Downtown Dragons' in the comments!