It stands to reason that if one is crazy enough to imagine a human being in a dog costume in place of an actual dog, the viewers of a show chronicling as much probably have a few neuroses of their own.  So why risk an incident? FX's 'Wilfred's season 2 premiere is scheduled for June 28, but you can get a fresh dose a full two weeks earlier.

Following in the trend of FX's sister network FOX, 'Wilfred' will stream the season 2 premiere "Progress" on demand as well as online, starting June 14.  “We’ve seen the success FOX had previewing 'Glee' and 'New Girl' with this type of initiative and we felt this was a perfect opportunity to execute a similar strategy for 'Wilfred,” said FX President and General Manager John Landgraf. “'Wilfred' enjoyed the most successful first season of any comedy ever on FX and the time is right to capitalize on that success and hopefully grow our audience. This is a special treat for fans of the show to get a jump start ahead of the season two premiere.”

The premiere episode “Progress” features guest star Robin Williams, as  Ryan (Elijah Wood) realizes the consequences of not having Wilfred (Jason Gann) in his life.  "Progress" will also air on FX on Thursday, June 21, and "officially" premiere a week later alongside the second episode, "Letting Go."

What say you?  Will you be happy to have 'Wilfred' available a full two weeks earlier, or were you content waiting for the premiere?  Sound off, human or dog in the comments below!

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