GameStop has confirmed some of its Black Friday 2013 deals, ensuring that the gaming masses will have something to look forward to once they've gotten their fill of turkey.

A press release from GameStop invites players to "PowerUp" their holidays with the many deals being offered on Black Friday. Unlike many brick-and-mortar shops, GameStop will not be open on Thanksgiving and will instead start their sales on midnight on Black Friday.

Jason Cochran, vice president of Store Operations and Strategic Initiatives for GameStop said, "Out of respect for our store associates and their families, GameStop made the business decision to not open our more than 4,200 U.S. retail stores on Thanksgiving. We will be opening the majority of our stores at midnight to offer customers our Black Friday promotions.”

But once the doors to the stores do open, you can expect tons of deals. Here are some of the notable deals that were mentioned in the release:

  • Xbox360 250GB bundle including Halo 4 and Tomb Raider only $199 (Friday only)
  • PS3 250GB bundle including The Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Origins only $199 (Friday only)
  • Battlefield 4 for only $24.99 (Friday only)
  • Just Dance 4 for only $14.99 (Friday only)
  • Sophix 7” tablet only $69.98 (Friday only)
  • Buy two pre-owned items get one free (includes games, accessories, systems and electronics)
  • Pre-Owned Xbox 360+20GB Hard Drive and Extra Wireless Controller for $99.99
Go to GameStop's Black Friday page to get updated on the rest of the deals when Black Friday draws closer.