'The Dark Knight Rises' theater shooting in Colorado has taken an emotional toll on the country, and none seem more sympathetic to the victims and their families than Warner Bros. Not only have director Christopher Nolan and the 'Dark Knight' cast expressed their condolences, but the production company has taken further steps in consideration of this tragic event at the expense of its upcoming flick 'Gangster Squad.'

With Christian Bale visiting victims of the shooting and Warner Bros. in talks to make a considerable donation to help all those affected get back on the road to recovery, 'Gangster Squad' has fallen nearly completely out of the limelight.

First the trailer for the flick, featuring stars like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the throngs of some gun-heavy action, was pulled due to its scene of a character opening fire on a theater audience. It was also because of this moment in the film that Warner Bros. planned on reshooting certain scenes, and now the entire premiere itself looks like it'll be moved (way) down the road to January 2013.

Although it's original premiere date September is always a competitive month amongst the debuting movies, all the reshooting might be forcing 'Gangster Squad' back. But do you think all of this effort on the part of Warner Bros. is worth the effort?

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