Disney surprised everyone earlier this year that Tron 3, a sequel to the mediocre 2010 Tron: Legacy, was on the fast-track. Stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were set to return, along with original director Joseph Kosinski. And then, just as quickly as the sequel materialized, it disappeared. Disney abruptly canceled the film and everyone was left scratching their heads. Why randomly start developing Tron 3 (a movie that, frankly, few were clamoring for) five years after Tron: Legacy only to cancel it just a few short months later? Well, now Hedlund is saying it might not actually be as dead as you think.

Hedlund, who was in New York promoting Pan, told ComicBook.com that, “I haven’t been told it’s totally dead,” which could mean it’s very much alive, or that people just don’t tell Garrett Hedlund things. Just because Garrett Hedlund wasn’t told it was dead, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not dead. But, if you’re grasping at straws, this may be the glimmer of hope you need to still be excited about Tron 3.

As for why the project stalled, Hedlund seems to hint that the story wasn’t quite up to snuff:

Ever since we did Legacy, we knew that to have another story follow it up, it had to be concrete and exciting. Disney needed to have the right story to go forward. I think it was going to introduce some things that were as exciting as Legacy was and then some, though.

When its cancelation was revealed, it was reported that Tron 3 (reportedly titled Tron: Ascension) may not have been as far along in development as we were all led to believe. But, if Disney waited five years to start working on Tron 3, what’s another five? Or, as Hedlund says, 30? “Who knows, maybe it’ll be like Legacy was to the first Tron, it’ll be 30 years, and I’ll have my young Flynn CGI face.”

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