Earlier today, word broke of 'Glee''s potential plans to move the series to New York full-time in time for the final season, though that idea was only one of several under consideration. Far crazier than that however, is another apparent possibility that will see a major character relocating to Russia altogether!

We're not sure how much salt to take with E!'s apparent inside source revealing yet another 'Glee' season 6 possibility, but it seems Kurt Hummel may end up far further from Lima, Ohio, than New York had ever taken him. "We are mulling around the idea of moving Kurt (Chris Colfer) to Russia," said an insider with the show, apparently also confirming that a third possibility beyond New York and Russia remains under consideration for the series.

E! also points out the hot button potential for sending 'Glee''s most notable gay character to a country making frequent headlines of its gay rights practices, though the insider didn't offer up what specific purpose would bring the character so far overseas. We're not entirely certain if series creator Ryan Murphy would want to isolate one of the key characters for such an extended period of the final season, though the storyline remains only a possibility for now.

Murphy had previously spoken about ‘Glee’ season 6′s intended series finale, which was to bring Rachel and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) story to a conclusion, though Murphy has come up with a new idea that ended the story “in his honor,” after Monteith's tragic passing earlier this year.

What say you? Would you be intrigued to see 'Glee' season 6 take Kurt to Russia, or does the idea seem too far-fetched to believe?

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