Whole lotta Godzillas in the mix these days. Last year, Gareth Edwards surprised everybody by turning out a proficient, visually majestic reboot of the franchise that Roland Emmerich had brutalized and left for dead after his disastrous (and not in the intended way) 1998 film. American Godzilla is alive and well, roaring back to an extended series following the box-office domination of Edwards’ last film, with a sequel pitting the giant reptilian monster against fellow kaiju Mothra and King Ghidorah expected in 2018, and another uniting Godzilla with King Kong in 2020.

But what of the OG Godzilla, Japanese pop culture’s favorite son? Toho Studios, the production house responsible for all the Godzilla pictures stretching back to his 1954 debut, last got the behemoth onscreen for 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars. It turns out those wars were not nearly as final as we had been led to believe.

After a decade and change, Toho is now readying a Godzilla reboot of their very own, slated for release in Japan on July 29, 2016. Aptly titled Godzilla: Resurgence, the film will give Toho’s flagship property a redesign hewing closer to the look from the original film — on the poster below, observe the rocky texture of Godzilla’s skin harkening back to the cheap foam-and-rubber suit, and the trademark spines lining his back feel like a little throwback to Godzilla Classic as well. The mechanics of this film’s release may be a little tricky, however; Resurgence will clearly beat American Godzilla Sequel to theaters, but with studio brands clashing with other studio brands, the likelihood of Toho’s film getting a mainstream American release may be slim. Then again, relative inaccessibility has never stopped web-literate Godzillaphiles from tracking down trans-Pacific movies.

Take a look at the trailer above, which offers precious little in the way of an impression of how the finished film will be. Taking a Cloverfield-esque found-footage approach, Toho knows better than to blow its whole Godzilla load with this early teaser. No sight of the great beast, but plenty of fear and scrambling Japanese citizens, which is about half the equation.