Have you heard about this new game called Grand Theft Auto 5? Apparently it's going to be a big deal. Based on this trailer, we're certainly intrigued.

Rockstar Games will finally deliver GTA 5 tomorrow, and even though we've been inundated with trailer after trailer for this sequel, we're still excited by seeing more of the game in action before it comes out. Perhaps it's because there's just so much to do and see in GTA 5 there has been little to no repetition in any of the footage we've seen.

This latest video gives us a taste of Blaine County, one of the areas you'll be able to visit in Los Santos. The area has a definite Salton Sea vibe, and the narration by Danny McBride lends it the proper amount of redneck flavor. Check out the footage and get ready to lose yourself in Grand Theft Auto 5 when it releases Sep. 17 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.