The full map for Grand Theft Auto 5 has leaked ahead of the game's release. When Rockstar said this world would be its biggest yet, the developer wasn't fooling around.

The map supposedly comes from the official Prima guide for Grand Theft Auto 5, and was posted to Reddit before being pulled down. Subsequently, the map was posted to NeoGAF, where you can see in clear view just much land you'll have to play around on in Los Santos, Vinewood, Paleto Bay and all the other locales.

The whole area is an island, and definitely doesn't disappoint in the variety department. If you were wondering, the whole of the map from GTA: San Andreas can fit within the tiny segment devoted to just Los Santos proper on the bottom of the map. There's less than a week to go until GTA5 is finally here. We can't wait to start exploring each and every last inch of this world, and have already started looking for places to inspect first.

Give the map a look, and try not to get lost in thinking about all the possibilities it holds.