Hollywood’s current reboot-aganza climate means not even cult classic horror musicals are safe from the dreaded modern remake. Little Shop of Horrors is the latest to be swept along into the reboot riptide, and Greg Berlanti is now attached to direct which, depending on from where you’ve heard of him, could be either good news or bad.

Little Shop of Horrors was directed by Frank Oz and adapted from a musical of the same name with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman, which was itself based on a 1960 Roger Corman black comedy film The Little Shop of Horrors. If you’ve never seen it — the 1986 version, that is — you probably know it as that movie with the giant carnivorous plant named Audrey II. A reboot has been in the backs of many minds for a while, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt even saying he’d like to remake it way back in 2012.

Variety reports that Berlanti is going to direct the film, which has a script penned by Matthew Robinson (of Monster Trucks, so hmm). Berlanti hasn’t directed a movie since Life As We Know It in 2010, but has recently done pretty well for himself with Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. And Supergirl and The Flash are planning a musical crossover, soooooo. Then again, he also produced Pan, so, we’ll see.

The movie hasn’t announced any official cast members yet, but now that it has a director and a screenwriter, that’s not far off. And who knows, maybe JGL would still be down even after four years.

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