Weekend Box Office: ‘Pan’ Fails to Take Flight
Pan has had disaster written all over it for the better part of a year now, so it’s not surprising that Joe Wright’s Peter Pan origin story stumbled in its opening weekend. However, no one was prepared for it to stumble as badly as it did as it ran face-first into The Martian and Hotel Transylvania 2.
‘Pan’ Gets Colorful in New Character Posters
After the previous promotional images and trailers for Joe Wright’s slightly-delayed Pan movie, you probably don’t even need to see these new character posters to have an idea of what they’d look like. But here they are anyway, in all their vibrant, well-lit and detailed glory. And wouldn’t you know it, but Hugh Jackman is still rocking that sick cartoon villain mustache.
‘Batman vs. Superman’ Comic-Con Details Announced
With Marvel sitting out Comic-Con 2015, everyone assumed that Warner Bros. would use this opportunity to make a big splash at Comic-Con with their Justice League universe. Today, as Warner Bros. officially announced their Comic-Con plans and confirmed those suspicions with news on their Batman vs. Superman panel, which superheroes will be attending and promises of “unexpected offerings”.
‘Pan’ Trailer: Peter Pan Gets the ‘Batman Begins’ Treatment
On the master list of characters who deserve exhausting origin stories that go into every single detail about how they came to be, Peter Pan is somewhere near the very bottom. So we can get all smug and dismissive of the new Pan trailer, which has its fair share or eye-rolling moments, or we can get excited that director Joe Wright has a new film on the horizon and hope for the best.
'Pan' Gets Pushed Back to October
The trailers and images from Joe Wright’s Pan haven’t exactly inspired confidence in the upcoming prequel/origin story of everyone’s favorite lost boy (sorry, Kiefer Sutherland). Just about the only promising aspect is the involvement of Wright, who has a pretty great track record with previous films like Hanna and Atonement. But now Warner Bros. is giving us a little more time to get excited for the film by pushing the release date back by five months.
Hugh Jackman Welcomes You to Neverland in New 'Pan' Trailer
In case you had forgotten, there’s a new Peter Pan origin story hitting theaters this year, in which Hugh Jackman sports a questionable hair piece and even more questionable facial hair. To remind you, Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the upcoming Pan, which comes from the beloved Joe Wright, the director of some movies you really enjoy, like Hanna and Atonement.
Hugh Jackman Shaves His Head for Blackbeard
Hugh Jackman has always sacrificed for his roles, slimming down for 'Les Miserables' and taking cold showers to get into berserker mode for Wolverine, and now our first look behind the scenes of 'Pan' shows the actor is willing to shave it all off for Blackbeard.
Newcomer Levi Miller Lands Lead in 'Pan'
Director Joe Wright beefed up his upcoming Peter Pan movie, 'Pan,' with some well-known celebs, from Hugh Jackman to Garrett Hedlund to the newly cast Rooney Mara, but for the title role, he wanted some fresh blood -- and he got it! Young actor Levi Miller landed the role of the most famous crow-calling, pirate-grappling, high-flying kid from Neverland.
Peter 'Pan' Casts Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily
On paper, 'Pan' sounds like the kind of movie you'd have to drag us to kicking and screaming, but since the production keeps on adding talented people like Rooney Mara to the cast, it's getting more and more difficult to ignore.

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