Well it's about time! Marvel has finally revealed an officially licensed dancing baby Groot toy from 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' and this little dude will be available to take home just in time for you to put him under the tree for that special someone for Christmas. Or if you're anything like us, you're already making plans to use him instead of a Christmas tree this year. Festive!

As revealed to Mashable via the totally adorable video above, Marvel has finally heard our whines and cries and will release a dancing baby Groot this December. He comes in his own tiny little pot that says -- what else -- "I am Groot" in cutesy scrawl, and he dances to a built-in speaker that plays a version of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back." And he can be yours to give to a loved one or hoard for your own pleasure for the reasonable price of just $14.99.

Where would you put your dancing baby Groot? It seems like it would be tough to resist carrying him around with you wherever you go, at least for the first month or so. Baby Groot might just bring out the kid in all of us.

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