We’re far enough removed from the final course of NBC’s Hannibal that its cancellation only stings so much, but it seems creator Bryan Fuller had one last bite to take from the epic finale. A new PETA ad re-purposes Gillian Anderson’s gruesome finale scene just in time for Thanksgiving, so prepare your gag reflexes.

You’re warned of full spoilers for Hannibal Season 3 finale “The Wrath of the Lamb” from here on out, but while we remain hopeful Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier’s closing stinger will one day unfold in a new chapter, the infamous leg of … well, leg scene has a new purpose. During production, Fuller and Anderson apparently utilized a take as an ad for PETA.

Said Fuller of the decision:

Writing Hannibal made me realize that human beings and other animals have more similarities than differences. It had a direct impact on how I view meat and what I put in my body. Eating another sentient being is no different than eating another human being, in my mind. The trauma of Hannibal cuts both ways.

And whatever your politics on eating meat, there’s no shame in indulging one last bite of Gillian Anderson before Hannibal fades any further into memory. Now, in the meantime, just who the heck was joining her at that table?

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