Just when you thought Hannibal hadn’t gotten enough of a raw cut deal, NBC thought it best to kick Bryan Fuller’s dark and delirious vision down the week. The remaining Hannibal Season 3 episodes will move to Saturday nights from their Thursday perch, alongside still-unaired episodes of David Duchovny’s Aquarius.

NBC made no formal announcement on the matter (that would have been too courteous), though Wall Street reporter Joe Flint confirmed the switch, adding that the “move is to appease affiliates not happy with their numbers.” It’s understandable on one hand, that NBC would bounce an already-canceled series not living up to its ratings standards, but on the other, the already-renewed Aquarius surely won’t appreciate the burn.

At the very least, upcoming Hannibal episodes will wrap the current arc and launch into Fuller’s vision of the Red Dragon story, featuring the likes of Hobbit star Richard Armitage, True Blood alum Rutina Wesley, and even an original composure by Siouxsie of Siouxsie and the Banshees. The first trailer has already made its way online, in addition to all the details revealed at Comic-Con 2015.

Will the move act as NBC’s final insult to the magnanimous Hannibal? After all, we know how the good Dr. Lecter feels about the rude.