We live in a global economy where America is no longer the deciding factor if a film is successful or not. If you want proof of that, look at 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.' The film made $54 Million domestically, which a little more than the film's budget, but it's made over $200 million worldwide, which is why Paramount has announced they're working on 'Hansel & Grete: Witch Hunters 2.'

Though the title came across as a punchline to a bad joke (or a trailer from 'Tropic Thunder') 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' crossed the $200 Million mark this weekend, which makes this $50 Million production profitable and then some. Originally scheduled to come out in March of 2012, the film was considered to be awful simply because it got delayed for ten months and then released in January, but Paramount said they moved the film because star Jeremy Renner had two high profile projects in 2012 ('The Avengers,' 'The Bourne Legacy') and wanted to capitalize on his rising fame. With their success, it means Paramount was probably right to wait.

This news comes from Deadline, and there's no word yet on if Renner, director Tommy Wirkola or co-star Gemma Arterton are returning. But even with a movie like this, it's likely that the producers signed everyone on for a possible sequel. Because you never know.

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