If you thought the 'G.I. Joe Retaliation' move was weird, it's worth noting that - had Paramount's schedule stayed as it was originally intended - 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' would be on home video by now. Instead it moved from March 2012 to January 2013. Now it's being reported that it will have an R rating.

Collider has been on top of this story and they broke the R rating, and previously mentioned that Paramount tested an R and a PG-13.  With a January release, they're less likely to have kids because of school, but with the subject matter, one would think that parents might want to take their kids (and may still).

This year we've already seen two reboots of classic fairy tales ('Mirror Mirror,' 'Snow White and the Huntsman'), while 'Jack the Giant Killer' was scheduled to come out in June, but got bumped to March 2013. Likely this fad was partly inspired by 'Twilight' and audiences haven't seemed to bite. 'Huntsman' may have made over $150 million domestic and nearly $400 worldwide, with a $170 Million dollar budget that's breaking even money.

So with an R rating, it's hard to say if that helps or hurts, though Paramount cited Jeremy Renner's rising profile as the reason for the delay in the first place. Between this, 'G.I. Joe' and 'World War Z' it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of Paramount's 2012 pictures in 2013.

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