Best Hero was another of the new categories at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and surprisingly it was an award they didn't even hand out in the broadcast. Like Best Music before it, Best Hero was handed out during a commercial break to Harry Potter for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2'.

Like the Best Cast award that 'Harry Potter' won, Daniel Radcliffe wasn't around to accept the award so the MTV host just accepted on his behalf (strangely standing outside on the empty red carpet).

It was a weird moment but perhaps it's because a) it's a new award and, b) the award is technically being given to a character and not an actor.

Harry Potter beat out Captain America (for his film, not 'The Avengers'), Jenko from '21 Jump Street,' Katniss from 'The Hunger Games' and Thor from 'Thor.' Pretty surprising that two honest-to-goodness superheroes couldn't even win in a category devoted to heroes but hey, these are the MTV Movie Awards.

Considering it was Harry Potter's final film, perhaps it was a fitting way for him to go out.