Insert "There can be only one director" jokes here. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of '28 Weeks Later' and last year's 'Intruders,' was set to direct a 'Highlander' remake with Ryan Reynolds attached to star. It looks like he and production company Summit have made a decision to see other people as he's now leaving the project. But what does that mean for the 'Highlander' remake/reboot/whatever it ends up being?

In another decade, perhaps that would mean that the project would fall apart. But in our modern era of cinema, all this means is that Summit will pursue the title with someone else. Unfortunately the way the business side of the industry has changed, it also means that without the music video directing training ground or people who've made modestly budgeted films, there are fewer and fewer options for replacements that have the experience necessary to handle a picture like this. It's likely they'll have to gamble on someone who doesn't have a lot of credits under their belt.

Ryan Reynolds is still attached, which means that they've at least got a leg to stand on, but the concept offers two things that studios like: Name brand value and a concept that should work on an audience that isn't familiar with the original. So it seems 'Highlander' is immortal.