It looks like Paramount’s writers’ room approach is paying off for the Transformers franchise as the studio has reportedly landed on a script for their Bumblebee spinoff. The concept and screenplay are credited to Christina Hodson, a former development exec who transitioned to screenwriting four years ago — since then, three of her scripts have landed on the Black List and her resumé has quickly expanded, and now apparently includes an upcoming DC movie universe project.

Update: The Wrap reports that Hodson is indeed scripting the Harley Quinn spinoff movie, which is not a solo film, and will feature “multiple female superheroes” and potentially a few villains from the DC universe. Original story continues below…

In a new report on the status of Paramount’s Bumblebee spinoff, Deadline casually revealed something pretty interesting: Hodson is writing a mysterious untitled DC movie as part of the studio’s extended universe. If I had to guess, and given Hodson’s knack for writing female-driven stories, I’d assume that she’s writing that Harley Quinn solo movie. Margot Robbie is starring in and executive producing the project, which, according to rumor, may also feature other female DC characters like Batgirl and Birds of Prey.

But Deadline’s report is notable for more than the DC tidbit and the update on Bumblebee — these, along with Hodson’s other upcoming projects, are all films with major studio backing, and a couple of them are franchise blockbusters. And who is writing them? Hodson, a half-Asian woman. It’s a huge deal in a time when studios are being consistently criticized for giving major blockbusters and big budget projects to male filmmakers who typically only have one successful indie film under their belts, while their equally talented and experienced female peers are continually overlooked.

Paramount put the Transformers writers’ room together last year in an effort to brainstorm new ways to continue and expand the franchise. The room, headed by Akiva Goldsman (who has since moved on to develop more Hasbro titles for the studio), included Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (who scripted Transformers 5) and several other talented writers, including two women: Hodson and fellow Black List scribe Lindsey Beer.

Although none of her films have made it to theaters just yet, Hodson has two on the way: Shut In, a horror thriller starring Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay that hits theaters this week, and Unforgettable, a sexy psychological thriller starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl that arrives next spring. Sony purchased Hodson’s spec script for The Eden Project, and she’s also working on a reboot of The Fugitive for Warner Bros., as well as a female-driven action film for The Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson.