Netflix's smash hit 'House of Cards' may be filled with some very serious material -- political machinations, murders, smoking, text messages -- which makes it a prime candidate for some big-time skewering. Enter 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon, who boasts a staggering Kevin Spacey impersonation and an attention for 'House of Cards' detail that's as impressive as it is amusing. What if we just moved 'House of Cards' into Rockefeller Center and it focused on the late-night game? It's 'House of Cue Cards,' and it's your new favorite show.

Turns out, the political landscape of 'House of Cue Cards' is just as rough as its political sister, and the digital short packs a nice punch at the end. (Yes, yes, it's a nod to last season's train scene, but with a twist you probably won't see coming.)

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