Though it may be silly to call it the "Facebook and Twitter era," modern technology has changed many things about how films publicize themselves and generate buzz. Normally a studio would release the first images of their star in a movie, but these days the stars may release it themselves. And so Hugh Jackman revealed the first official image from Tom Hooper's 'Les Miserables' via Twitter.

Jackman seems to be following Vin Diesel's lead, as Diesel has been posting photos from the making of the latest 'Riddick' sequel on his Facebook fan page. And this was coordinated: Jackman has said publicly that he has to get approval for his tweets because he had an incident where he accidentally tweeted a picture with his family's address on it. But this goes beyond a publicist or assistant checking to make sure that there's nothing offensive in his tweets.

Indeed, this was likely plotted by the production in the face of a number of spy photos leaking from the set. We've seen a number of these stills lately as the paparazzi often stalk sets in the hopes of getting something good - recently we've seen unofficial pictures from 'Star Trek 2' and 'Lincoln.'

'Les Miserables' is due out December 14.