I don’t think like Hugh Jackman enjoys playing second fiddle to Deadpool. Would you?

Okay in reality, Jackman seems to be getting a big kick out of playing up his frenemy relationship with Ryan Reynolds as part of their marketing of their now-officially-titled Deadpool sequel, Deadpool & WolverineAnd shortly after that was revealed as Deadpool 3’s official title, Jackman suggested an alternate name for the film on his various social media channels.

I think if I write it out, I would get in trouble, so I’ll just let him tell you himself...

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Jackman also had some jokes about the film’s first official poster.

“‘Best’ is a stretch,” he wrote. “So is ‘friends.’”

Jackman’s tweets were part of the first marketing blitz for the much-anticipated sequel, which is both the first time Deadpool, Wolverine, and any of the other X-Men have officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also the only MCU movie being released to theaters on 2024.

Jackman officially retired as Wolverine following 2017’s Logan, which told the final story of an older version of the character. But hey, what’s retirement when you could make a megaton of money by not being retired?

Marvel has yet to explain how Jackman’s character is alive again — although the Super Bowl teaser for Deadpool & Wolverine does confirm that the TVA from Loki is involved in the plot of the movie. In Loki, the group is in charge of protecting the time stream and pruning “variants”; alternate versions of famous Marvel characters. So it seems very possible that Jackman is playing a variant of the character from a timeline where he didn’t die (or simply hasn’t died yet).

Deadpool & Wolverine (or Wolverine & A—hole) is scheduled to open in theaters on July 26.

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