The new, non-MCU Spider-Man movie will be animated and will not focus on Peter Parker at all — rather, it’s Miles Morales’ turn in the spotlight, and the Internet has been buzzing about this since it was announced. There was a hashtag a while back that campaigned for Donald Glover to audition to voice Miles, and while he seems to have his hands full with a couple other franchises, we might know of another star lending his voice to a character. According to a new rumor, Ice Cube might voice Miles’ father.

This news comes via Meet the Movie Press, who say that Ice Cube is on the roster of choices to voice Jefferson Davis, a good guy who always finds himself on the wrong side of the law. He usually works for Nick Fury, gathering intel on the various crime lords at large in the city, and works to better himself to make up for his criminal past.

Ice Cube has a pretty distinctive voice, and has voice acted before for a Call of Duty game and in The Book of Life, the Guillermo del Toro-produced animated film about the Mexican Day of the Dead. And a role like Jefferson Davis would probably appeal to him, but for now, since nothing has been announced or confirmed, this is just a rumor. The movie doesn’t have anyone else officially lined up yet, cast-wise, so it’ll probably be a while before we hear any more news about it. And if you’re still set on Donald Glover voicing Spidey, the movie is being written and produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller… who are behind the Han Solo spinoff… which stars Donald Glover… sooooooo.

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