The Audible Original vampire-apocalypse audio series, Impact Winter, is back for Season 2! From Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham and executive producers of The Walking Dead, this new season promises to delve even deeper into the vampire lore and the cutthroat (get it?) politics of undead society, and the growing rebellion against the Vampire Queen. There’s a royal council, a magical dagger, and a Dragon. It’s wild!

In part one of two videos, we delve into what’s been happening to our two heroes since Darcy attained “Anointed One” status and her younger sister Hope, took up Darcy’s mission to protect the group of human survivors in Devon…armed with Darcy’s sword, Bess, in hand. The danger is greater than ever before; Darcy trains in hiding to kill the Vampire Queen, but now that the Council knows of her existence — and her unique ability to topple the vampire monarchy — everyone Darcy cares about has become a potential target. How will she and Hope handle this new looming threat? Note: we will be spoiling the first five episodes. Watch at your discretion.

Check out the video below, and listen to both seasons of the Audible Original Impact Winter ad-free on Audible or with limited interruption wherever you get your podcasts.

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