It wasn't long ago that we reported on 'Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures' Blu-ray -- a set that we've all been impatiently awaiting for years. With Comic Con 2012 approaching, we've got the official trailer and more details on this awesome Blu-ray set.

The trailer below gives us a pretty sweet idea of how the films will look in high definition, with damage and other imperfections removed from the original 35 mm negatives, and a fully restored version of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' Watching these beautiful versions, for many fans, will be a trip down memory lane to the first time they saw the films in the theater. For newer fans, it might be the first time we've seen these films with such striking clarity.

Also featured on the discs: over seven hours of bonus features, including some never-before-seen footage, rare behind the scenes stuff, archival footage, and all new special features, which the trailer touts are new and exclusive to the collection.

Do you have to purchase 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,' too? Sadly, yes, but with all the added bells and whistles the rest of the set has to offer, we'd say that's a small sacrifice to make for some high quality Indiana Jones. The set hits shelves September 18, 2012.