The fallout from the 14-minute 'Innocence of Muslims' YouTube clip, which is being blamed for a slew of riots, continues to grow in the Middle East. Despite the country's attempts to calm things down with a 'Day of Love for the Prophet Mohammed,' protesters in Pakistan have set fire to two different movie theaters.

Not even US government-backed commercials airing in Pakistan, that condemn 'Innocence of Muslims,' have been able to quiet the storm; protesters flooded the city of Peshawar, clashed with teargas-heaving police and torched the two cinemas.

At least two people were killed during the demonstrations, and there were several injured. US and French embassies have been closing across the Muslim world.

Muslim leaders across the region have attempted to dissuade the demonstrators, to little avail. According to Reuters, Egypt's highest Islamic legal official said on Thursday Muslims should follow his example of enduring insults without retaliating. However, even Pakistan's tactic to switch the rioters' focus with its 'Day of Love' has done little to quell the outrage.

Meanwhile, 'Innocence of Muslims' actress Cindy Lee Garcia has sued YouTube and the movie's producer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, in an attempt to get the video pulled. However, a judge denied Garcia's request, saying the actress had not demonstrated "a likelihood to prevail on the merits" of her case.

Garcia has stated that she fears for her family's safety in the midst of the increasing outrage. Check out some of the controversial footage below.