Before Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger and Disgust made the cut, 21 other emotions were considered for Pixar’s Inside Out.

In a new special feature from the upcoming DVD for the animated film, courtesy of USA Today, director Pete Docter reveals the various emotions that were initially considered for Riley. In the movie, we meet the five main emotions that make the 11-year-old Riley who she is. After speaking with multiple scientists with differing opinions about human emotions, Docter and his team drew up a list of 26 before cutting them down to the final five. Hope, Greed, Embarrassment and Love were some of the emotions considered. These were all cut along with Logic, which the director told CinemaBlend earlier this year was left out to give Riley free will in response to her emotions.

But Pride would be happy to know his feature film debut didn’t get scrapped from existence. In a clip from the DVD, Docter introduces an early sketch sequence that features Pride and Schadenfreude. The one major difference you’ll notice between this scene and the final film is that the emotions have actual human names, like Freddy for Fear and Ira for Anger. This was something Docter later realize became too confusing. “We tried a lot of things before we got to where we ended on the screen,” Docter said.

You can still meet the other contenders for Riley’s emotions. The DVD features a look at the original illustrations of those left on the cutting room floor. From two radiant versions of Love to a totally relatable sketch of Irritation, these drawings further prove how brilliant the minds behind Inside Out are. Perhaps they’ll get their own spin-off one day.

Inside Out is available on Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday.