Well hello there, TV super-fan! Did you know that Breaking Bad breakout Jesse Pinkman was almost killed off in Season 1? How about that Joss Whedon hated the original Buffy theme song, or Curb Your Enthusiasm served as a murder alibi? Can you imagine LOST starring Michael Keaton? Why yes, we do have more where that came from!

We’ve gone through thousands of TV facts and figures from dozens of your favorite TV shows new and old, and come up with the very most intriguing trivia tidbits. The above gallery of 100 TV facts trails down the boob tube from the original ‘60s Batman and Star Trek,  to TV greats like Cheers and The Simpsons, god-tier dramas The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and even the very latest in superhero sci-fi, from Daredevil to The Flash. How many did you know?

Got an insatiable hunger for even more trivia? Check out loads of bonus TV facts below with the latest installments of our ongoing video series, ‘You Think You Know TV’ (as well as ‘Movies’), and watch brand new TV episodes every Wednesday on YouTube!

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