Although the earliest looks at ‘Into the Woods’ gave us the impression that this wasn’t a musical at all, the latest trailers and featurettes have been thankfully much more musically-focused. The newest featurette gives us another peek behind the scenes of the upcoming film with music by the legendary Stephen Sondheim, and features none other than Queen Meryl Streep herself belting out “Stay With Me” as the movie’s wonderful and wicked witch.

We’re still harboring some reservations about the film adaptation of the beloved stage musical, but pushing these behind the scenes featurettes has been a smart move, especially for longtime fans of the original production. It’s reassuring to know that all involved, especially stars like Streep, have such a reverence for Sondheim’s work, and it’s not surprising that Streep would deliver so many recordings of the song with so many little differences each time—she is a pro, after all.

Streep’s performance comes in around the 1:00 mark, and it’s enough of a teaser to get us even more interested in the film version. Her performance as the Witch is one of the main draws of the film, and we’ve been hearing some early buzz about Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, and Chris Pine’s performances as well. It’s the liberties they’ve taken with the Big Bad Wolf and Johnny Depp’s possible (probable) cartoonish performance that have us a little worried.

‘Into the Woods’ hits theaters on December 25.