This year has proven that there are still plenty of inventive, original, and genuinely scary horror film ideas. ‘It Follows’ is one of those films with its tale of a sexually transmitted haunting, and it has left quite an impression, gathering praise at both the Cannes and Fantastic Fest film festivals (read our review). Today brings the first trailer for the upcoming horror film, which will soon also play at the Sundance Film Festival before it hits theaters in the U.S. Prepare to be spooked.

The first trailer for the film is French, and features subtitles and a bit of NSFW action as ‘It Follows’ prepares to hit theaters in France on February 4. And while there’s still no official U.S. release date, we don’t imagine it will be too long before you’ll be able to experience this great, atmospheric new horror film.

‘It Follows’ revolves around a teenage girl (‘The Guest’ star Maika Monroe) who becomes haunted after she has sex with someone, and soon discovers that the murderous paranormal entities are sexually transmitted—and the only way to ensure her survival is to have sex with someone else. The film takes an honest and layered approach to the sexual politics of young adults, delivering a relatable and eerily simple story that’s never once condescending to its characters or its potential teen audience.

We fell in love with ‘It Follows’ during Fantastic Fest, where it played alongside exciting, original horror films like ‘The Babadook,’ and the upcoming ‘Spring.’ The movie comes from director David Robert Mitchell, who previously helmed the similarly lo-fi ‘The Myth of the American Sleepover,’ and has quickly become someone to watch.

‘It Follows’ stars Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, and Olivia Luccardi. As previously mentioned, it doesn’t have a formal U.S. release date yet, but if you’re making the trek up to Sundance in January, you should definitely put this one on your to-do list.