Because Star Wars Celebration is delivering our first look at the new Star Wars: Episode 7 trailer (among other surprise things), anticipation is high. We're here in Anaheim and last night when doors opened at 6pm, fans rushed to begin the long overnight campout on the concrete floors of the Anaheim Convention Center. It's not a fun way to spend a night, but these are Star Wars fans who are dedicated to the cause. The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams is in town to introduce the new trailer and once he got wind of the massive line, he did right by them and had pizza delivered for every single person on line.

UPDATE: Credit where credit is due — the host of the Force Awakens panel said it was actually Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy's idea to send the pizza. Original story below.

You can get a glimpse at the scope of the line below (and this was still early, when fans had just started lining up), and below the moment when J.J.'s pizza made its way to the fans.

Around 9:30pm, when the line had swelled to over 1,500, pizzas began arriving 25 at a time, with an announcement from the staff. You can say what you want about J.J. Abrams (and many of you have), but you can't say he doesn't respect and appreciate the fans of both his and Star Wars, many of whom traveled across the globe to be here.

For those of you who couldn't make it to Star Wars Celebration, the panel will be live streaming online and we'll be bringing you the latest as it happens from both the Star Wars: Episode 7 panel and the exhibit on the convention floor.

Star Wars: Episode 7 opens in theaters on December 18.

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