J.K. Simmons has finally gotten the sort of recognition he’s long deserved—the character actor recently picked up a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for his powerful supporting turn in ‘Whiplash,’ which means we’re going to start seeing him in more interesting projects. And one of those projects just might be a new ‘Spider-Man’ movie, in which Simmons could very well reprise the beloved role of J. Jonah Jameson.

One of the highlights of Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy was undoubtedly Simmons, who perfectly portrayed the obnoxious and demanding newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson. Rather than recast the role of Jameson, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ director Marc Webb opted out of including the character at all, which might have been for the best.

But in a new interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius XM talk show (via SlashFilm), Simmons hints that he could reprise the role in a new ‘Spider-Man’ movie:

Stern: Hey, we doing another [Spider-Man] or what?

Simmons: I just heard that we…that’s a possibility.

Stern: Would you do it?

Simmons: Absolutely.

When Sony was hacked, we discovered a whole lot about their tentative plans for Spider-Man, including an animated film with the help of ‘Jump Street’ and ‘LEGO Movie’ team Phil Lord and Chris Miller, an all-female Spidey film, ‘Sinister Six,’ and more. For the time being, Sony seems to have put plans for another solo Spidey film on the back burner, though it was reported that the studio was holding a “Spider-Man Summit” sometime early this year, which means some new decisions (like the recent report that Sony and Marvel have reached an agreement that will allow the web-slinger to appear in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’) could have been made since those leaked e-mails.

It’s uncertain whether Simmons is referring to making an appearance in one of the upcoming spin-offs (seeing him in the all-female ‘Glass Ceiling’ could be pretty awesome), or if Sony has made some new solo Spidey plans that we just aren’t aware of yet.

Time will tell, and Simmons does note that it’s simply a possibility, but what do you guys think? Do you want to see Simmons reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson in the Spidey-verse?

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