John F. Kennedy is probably the most well-documented president in history, with tons of documentaries and conspiracy theory History Channel specials and books and what have you dedicated to the life and legacy of one of this country’s most tragically beloved presidents. Jackie Kennedy Onassis is almost as well-known, the nation’s fascination with her prompting the First Lady to become a followable source of fashion and politics. Natalie Portman’s Jackie follows the First Lady in the first few days after JFK’s shocking assassination. In a new clip, she speaks to a journalist and has an unexpected response to her own grief.

One of the best parts of this clip, and of the movie itself, is how good Portman’s Jackie O accent is. The Mid-Atlantic is one of the most difficult accents to replicate if you don’t already speak that way, but Portman absolutely nails it. Listen to the real Jackie Kennedy talk in this video (skip to about 6 minutes in). Her accent and timbre is posh but odd, all in the front of her mouth. Hardly anyone talks like that anymore. But while Natalie Portman still looks pretty much like Natalie Portman, her voice is all Jackie.

Our own Erin Whitney calls Jackie “spectacular” in their review, saying “Instead of observing its historical subject from behind a glass case, Jackie offers a piercing portrait of a woman’s psychological and emotional journey.” It’s a very human look at what happens to a person after going through a great tragedy, especially when that person is someone like the wife of the president of the United States.

Jackie opens in theaters December 2.

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