Whoa, Fat Betty.  Blam a-lam.  'Mad Men' might rake in the Emmys year after year, but something at Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce just isn't right when none of the series' immense acting talent have taken home the prestigious award for acting, despite multiple nominations.  And even if you're not fond of January Jones or Betty Draper Francis, the actress' chances this year might have doubled with her size.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that 'Mad Men' actress and series regular January Jones will withdraw her bid for consideration as a Leading Actress for the upcoming Emmy awards, instead submitting herself as a Supporting Actress.  Jones' first and only successful nomination for Leading Actress came in 2010, but was snatched away by Kyra Sedgwick for 'The Closer.'

Jones' 'Mad Men' co-star Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) made the decision in 2010 to switch from leading contention to supporting, since garnering three subsequent nominations for her portrayal of Peggy Olson.  In spite of her character's increased literal size, Jones hasn't seen very much screen-time in the first five episodes of 'Mad Men' season 5, though insiders say the former Ms. Draper will take a larger role later in the season.

This year's slot for Best Supporting Actress remains wide open, as last year's winner Margo Martindale of 'Justified' permanently retired her character with the closing of 'Justified's second season.  Of course, that still leaves room for Jones' co-stars Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks to submit themselves, with few other clear contenders having emerged.

What do you think?  Fat Betty or no, does Jones deserve to take home an award for 'Mad Men?'  Who would you rather see the nominations go to?  Give us your award picks in the comments below!

And what the hey, for old times' sake...