How much does Jason Momoa, hulking star of the upcoming Aquaman and eventual Justice League member, love his family? So much that he cut together an 8-minute video about his devotion and commitment to his beautiful children, and then ensured that millions of people would have to watch it by nestling some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the set of Justice League along with the golden-hued shots of his children playing in what appears to be the wheat field from Gladiator. The things we do for our kids!

As the one-time Game of Thrones star prepares for the next big phase of his career as DC’s resident lord of the seas, Momoa has been documenting his rise to the A-list (noted by the good folks at ComingSoon). The little snippets from the Justice League production show Momoa in his element: baring his chest, B-cup pectorals flexed for all to admire, near a misty body of water. True to Zack Snyderian form, the photos look drained of color, working in muted corpse-tones not unlike those seen in this spring’s polarizing Batman v Superman. The solo Aquaman film has not yet begun shooting under director James Wan, but a separate recent news post from The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the production will get up and running shortly after the new year on Australia’s Gold Coast region.

The video has been embedded below along with a couple screen-captures, but feel free to watch the whole thing if you’re in need of a lift on a chilly winter morning. Momoa loves the bejesus out of those children; everyone deserves such a doting, utterly shredded dad. Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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