Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day have worked together a lot. First they were in 'Going the Distance,' then Sudeikis made a couple of appearances on Day's show 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' then came 'Horrible Bosses' and now its sequel. Well, that's not enough as they're also going to be starring in 'One Night on the Hudson' together, and they'll be directed by their 'Horrible Bosses' helmer Seth Gordon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is based on a script by T.J. Fixman about "a by-the-books rookie cop on his first night on the job and his jaded veteran partner. The pair are tasked with transporting a federal witness from New Jersey to Manhattan. The only things standing between them: dirty cops, dirty criminals and the Hudson River."

Director Seth Gordon's last film was led by 'Horrible Bosses' co-star Jason Bateman, so he must have gotten on well with all his 'Bosses' leads to make this many movies with each of them. Right now Gordon is one of the hottest comedy directors going, having delivered three films that have crossed the hundred million dollar mark and having just lined up two new projects.

This also suggests that Gordon's long-rumored 'Wargames' remake is either on the back burner, or has fallen into development hell. Gordon was also attached to a fictional adaptation of his documentary 'King of Kong,' but that too may have fallen by the wayside.