Did Jay Mohr just accidentally announce Saints Row 5, or is he returning to the series for downloadable content for Saints Row 4?

Well, of all the people we expected to leak new information about more Saints Row goodness, Jay Mohr was not-so-shockingly low on the list. Not because we don't think Jay Mohr wouldn't be hired out for voice over work, but because he already appeared in Saints Row 2 as Dane. After two full games and no Jay Mohr, we figured his time with the Saints was over. Turns out, we were wrong.

This week, Mohr tweeted a picture of a recording studio where he was apparently working on new Saints Row content. Now, while he intimates he's working on a new Saints Row game, we're not so convinced Volition is already moving on to Saints Row 5. It's more likely, especially based on the image on the monitor in his tweet, that Mohr is working on DLC for Saints Row 4. That said, both of the content packs included with the season pass have already been released, so whatever is planned is definitely something nobody previously knew about.

Volition hasn't announced a Saints Row 5 yet, but after the success of SR4, another sequel is all but a formality at this point. Until Deep Silver or Volition have a more official statement on the subject, we'll just have to hope the wait won't be too long to see what the Saints have in store.