Brace yourselves: Jeff Bridges might actually be starring in a good film again, after a string of roles in films in which he’s basically played (much) lesser variations on his True Grit character. The actor has signed on to star in an adaptation of Claire Messud’s acclaimed novel The Emperor’s Children, which — as announced last year — is being helmed by actress and In a World… director Lake Bell.

According to THR, Bridges has signed on for one of the leading roles in The Emperor’s Children, playing the part of renowned intellectual and journalist Murray Thwaite. The script for the film was written by Noah Baumbach (Frances Ha, and the upcoming While We’re Young), who previously planned on directing the project himself.

Lake Bell will make The Emperor’s Children her second directorial effort, following her acclaimed indie dramedy In a World…, in which she also starred. The actress is also well-known for her role on the absurd Adult Swim comedy Children’s Hospital, and appeared alongside Jon Hamm last year in Million Dollar Arm. Following her directorial debut, we’ve become just as enamored with her talents behind the camera as we are with her skills in front of it.

The Emperor’s Children has yet to name any additional cast members, but Bridges is a really attractive prospect. The actor recently appeared in the dismal films Seventh Son and R.I.P.D., as well as the mediocre adaptation of the classic YA novel The Giver. It’ll be great to see him take on something more substantial once again.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Emperor’s Children, originally published in 2006:

The Emperor’s Children” is a dazzling, masterful novel about the intersections in the lives of three friends, now on the cusp of their thirties, making their way-and not-in New York City.

There is beautiful, sophisticated Marina Thwaite-an “It” girl finishing her first book; the daughter of Murray Thwaite, celebrated intellectual and journalist-and her two closest friends from Brown, Danielle, a quietly appealing television producer, and Julius, a cash-strapped freelance critic. The delicious complications that arise among them become dangerous when Murray’s nephew, Frederick “Bootie” Tubb, an idealistic college dropout determined to make his mark, comes to town. As the skies darken, it is Bootie’s unexpected decisions-and their stunning, heartbreaking outcome-that will change each of their lives forever.

You can definitely see why someone like Noah Baumbach was so interested in the story, which sounds very similar to his own films.